Vladyslav Yavorskyy at his work desk

IVY New York is an internationally acclaimed high jewellery brand showcasing finest natural gemstones and diamonds in exquisite signature patterns. Each jewel, from conception to completion, is thoughtfully elaborated by the company’s founder and designer. IVY, standing for ‘Inspired Vladyslav Yavorskyy’, for over twenty years has delighted most discerning customers with flowing chic and timeless grace.

IVY jewellery is created to reveal each woman’s unique charm through captivating beauty of natural gems. The stones are cut in the ‘Yavorskyy’ original cut, most favorably exposing their top-grade color, clarity and brilliance. The layouts, inspired by various epochs, fashions and organic motifs, are remarkable for their excellent proportions and symmetry. Double pave frame of diamonds is one of the most recognizable patterns of IVY exclusive style.

IVY jewellery is designed in-house, individually handcrafted and fully certified. It is favored by celebrities for the genteel look and feminine touch, and respected by connoisseurs for the exceptional mastery of goldsmith’s work and remarkable selection of gemstones. It is sold at auctions, featured in leading fashion magazines and gemmology journals. Refined artistry, elevated passion and inmost sense of elegance turn each IVY jewel into a sheer piece of high art.