Design is inspiration. Inspiration is passion. Passion is love. And I love gemstones.
I started my business in New York. The city’s charm and open lifestyles presented an atmosphere for me unrivaled by any other, its pulse and skyscrapers setting a pace and direction to my work.
It has been a journey over two decades long: studying precious stones and colors at the mines, learning and developing gemstone cutting in our own workshop. My specializing in Spinel culminated in publishing a book ‘Terra Spinel’.
My inspiration in designing IVY jewelry stems from my love for precious gemstones and for travel explorations of the unknown and mysterious in the world – be it found in the jungles of Burma, Africa and Sri Lanka or the labyrinths of history and cultures in big bustling cities.
Over 20 years I worked hard to perfect the creation of completely hand-made jewelry, crafted in-house. All pieces are carefully balanced with untreated colored gemstones including unheated Sapphires, Rubies, Spinels, Tsavorites, Mandarin Garnets, Demantoids and Diamonds.
IVY is Inspired Vladyslav Yavorskyy